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Start of the cruise season 2015/2016.

Posted by Jan Veenendaal on Sept 24 2015

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September 22 the launch of a new cruise season with more cruise ships for 2015/2016, for many people on the island an asset it brings more jobs for the people living on the island, we are regularly found at the salt pier during that period, together with the Segway, it is one of the many activities our island has to offer. At least we make sure that the tourists see a beautiful part of Bonaire on a eco -friendly way, you get to see the brine lakes, pink beach and the Slavs houses we do all this gliding on the Segway and you can relax and enjoy cool breezes and a great view.

Riding a Segway is easy, you are trained in no time by our verry well trained instructors we will keep you safely on the road, you're obligated by Segway to wear a safety helmet, you do not have to worry about anything just enjoy a nice and relaxed activity.

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