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DJ Chuckie during Utopia beachfestival on the Segway.

Posted by Jan Veenendaal on Apr 17 2015

DJ Chuckie aka Dirtydutch utopia beachfestival

Utopia beach festival has come down to Bonaire, enough reasons to do a few activities during their free time one of them happend to be Segway Bonaire, its all about fun to prepare themselfs mentally for a stunning evening with famous DJs include DJ Chuckie aka Dirtydutch During his stay on Bonaire we welcomed him and his crew and fellow DJ's on the Segway, it was of course accompanied by a lot of humor and bravery. During the drive to Sorobon we already had enough beats and volume in the car, brought to us by the one and only Nutzbeatz.

Once arrived at sorobon we quickly gave the explanation so that we could go out with the Segway, after half an hour on the Segway it was time for more challenge because the DJs wanted to prove who was the best at Segway riding clike here for the movie! afterwords we have done a drink at the one and only hangout bar, because the DJs had to prepare for a great performance at the Plaza Beach Resort.

Click here for some footage of DJ Chuckie shot while he was on the caribbean trip

DJ Chuckie aka Dirtydutch utopia beachfestival
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